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Wiggle have made it easy for you to compare bicycle insurance. Our table below compares Wiggle Cycle Insurance with other providers and organisations offering insurance to cyclists. It’s easy to compare on price but you should always check what is actually included in the price you have been quoted.

Wiggle Insurance
Home & Contents
Cycling Membership Programme
Specialist Cycling Insurers
Wiggle essential (Bike $1500)
Electric Bikes
Multi bike discount
Accidental Damage
Theft – Home and away
Personal Accident
Public Liability
Permanent Injury
Worldwide Cover
Racing Cover
Monthly Payments
New for Old
$250 – $350
$250 – $500
$50 – $1000


The amount of bicycles purchased in Australia in the last five years has skyrocketed. Unfortunately the bike theft figures reflect this. There are ways to protect yourself against this risk but with numerous insurance options on the market, make sure you do your homework so you’re not left unprotected.

Home & Contents Insurance

Many cyclists are happy to have their home insurance cover their bikes as it’s usually inexpensive. However, don’t assume your bike is covered as home insurers will mostly have limitations and exclusions on how your cycle can be used. Home insurance simply wasn’t designed to insure the modern cyclist. Once outside the home, almost no home insurance covers accidental damage, personal accident, public liability or any of the other benefits usually associated with specific cycling insurance. Home insurers often impose large excess amounts, commonly in the region of $500 and in addition to this, your home insurance ‘no claims’ may be affected. The real cost of covering a bicycle on your home insurance is worrying. We recommend you carefully assess the level of cycle cover you have on your home insurance and what your exposure is in the event of claim. A few shortcomings of some home insurance:

  • Low maximum cycle value

  • No cover for theft or accidental damage away from the home

  • Excess up to $500

  • Exclude competitions

Membership Insurance

A certain level of insurance is included in the membership offered by Cycling Membership Organisations. It is extremely important not to assume that you are sufficiently covered without understanding the level of cover provided. Many people turn to a club or organisation just for the insurance, unaware that it does not cover their bikes, or offer the range of comprehensive benefits a cycling specific insurer often provides.

Our Cycle Insurance

At Wiggle, we love bikes. We ride bikes everyday across all cycle disciplines, our cycle insurance team know the risks and believe you should consider cycle specific insurance. We’ve made it easy for cyclists to find the right policy for your ride and your pocket. We offer two straightforward policies packed with extensive benefits to provide cyclists with cover they can rely on, unbeatable value, and a claims service that will get you back on your bike as quickly as possible, should you need it. It’s quick and easy to get a quote and you can even pay monthly.

Get cover


It’s easy. Just choose the level of coverage that suits how you ride.

ESSENTIAL Cover insurance for only $100 a year

Provides the following cover up to the limits listed below.
Non-Medicare medical costs up to $1,000
Accidental damage up to $1,500
Malicious damage up to $1,500
Theft at or away from home up to $1,500

COMPREHENSIVE Cover insurance

Could be for you if you’re looking for cover for racing, travel and up to $30k of theft. Limits are as follows.
Non-Medicare medical costs up to $1,000
Accidental damage up to $30,000
Malicious damage up to $30,000
Theft at or away from home up to $30,000

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