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Exceptional value policy benefits from Wiggle Cycle Insurance. Our policy benefits are geared to make your cycle insurance experience straightforward and your claims process as smooth as possible.

Third Party Liability

Accidents happen. If you’re responsible for damage or injury to other road users, property or pedestrians whilst riding the insured bicycle, Wiggle can protect you for up to $10,000,000 of Third Party Property Damage Cover and $10,000,000 for Third Party Bodily Injury. An essential benefit to protect you financially.

Personal Accident: Non-Medicare medical cost

If you are injured as a result of a crash whilst riding your insured bicycle, we will reimburse your reasonable costs, up to a maximum of $1,000 in the aggregate over the period of insurance, for non-Medicare medical expenses incurred within 12 months of the injury.

Personal Accident: Death Lump Sum or Permanent Loss

In the event of a serious injury or death sustained from riding your insured bike, we'll provide up to $10,000 of personal accident cover to give your family peace of mind. You shouldn't risk riding without it.

Theft & Accidental Damage

If your bike is stolen or accidentally damaged, we’ll sort it out. We even insure your bike when locked in your car or when secured to your roof rack.

New for Old

If you’ve purchased a new bike that is stolen or damaged beyond repair within 2 years of the purchase date, with our Comprehensive cover we can assist to get you back in the saddle on a new shiny bike.

Taxi Fare Reimbursement

The reasonable cost of transportation for you and your bicycle to the nearest public transport station, bicycle repair shop or your home, whichever is nearer, if your bicycle breaks down and cannot be repaired at the breakdown scene. We will pay up to $65 during any one period of insurance.

Worldwide Cover Extension

Whether you take your bike abroad for a leisurely holiday or for serious competition, Wiggle provides you with up to 90 days overseas travel with your Comprehensive Policy as long as you advise us in advance of your travel.

Bike Box Cover

If your bike box gets damaged, lost or stolen we will provide you with a replacement. Just add your bike box to your list of accessories listed on your Comprehensive policy to get covered.

Replacement Cycle Hire

The reasonable cost of hire of a comparable bicycle when your bicycle is damaged in a claimable event while in transit or being used for non-commercial purposes abroad and policy is endorsed for Worldwide Travel Extension. We will pay up to $500 during any one period of insurance.

Listed Riding Gear and Apparel

At Wiggle we know how valuable cyclists kit can be so we offer an optional cover to protect your clothing and/or footwear (amongst loads of other kit) in the event they’re stolen or damaged.

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It’s easy. Just choose the level of coverage that suits how you ride.

ESSENTIAL Cover insurance for only $100 a year

Provides the following cover up to the limits listed below.
Non-Medicare medical costs up to $1,000
Accidental damage up to $1,500
Malicious damage up to $1,500
Theft at or away from home up to $1,500

COMPREHENSIVE Cover insurance

Could be for you if you’re looking for cover for racing, travel and up to $30k of theft. Limits are as follows.
Non-Medicare medical costs up to $1,000
Accidental damage up to $30,000
Malicious damage up to $30,000
Theft at or away from home up to $30,000

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